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Nagoya University Faculty Exchange

Data Science Faculty Exchange Program

The Translational Data Analytics Institute is accepting applications for a new data science faculty exchange with Nagoya University in Nagoya, Japan.

The program is designed to enable researchers from TDAI and Nagoya’s Graduate School of Informatics, Graduate School of Medicine and Graduate School of Engineering to collaborate across the two institutions in order to advance the fundamentals and applications of informatics. It is part of a TDAI initiative to establish faculty, staff, and student exchange programs with universities and corporations in Japan that are making comparable contributions to and investments in data science and analytics.

Click here for a list of Nagoya University faculty.

Download the program brochure below:

Interested faculty should email TDAI.


Length of Stay: 3-6 months

Areas of Research: Fundamentals and applications of data science and AI; possible foci include: natural language processing; computer vision; cybersecurity and network architecture; high-performance computing; computer assisted diagnosis and surgery; medical image processing and medical text analysis; materials informatics and materials integration; social media information processing; speech processing; program transformation.

Financial Support Provided by NU: Airfare to Japan (round trip). Salary during the stay ($5,000/month, approx., based on NU policy)

Financial Support Provided by OSU: To be negotiated with College/TIU and TDAI

Housing: Not provided; to be covered by basic salary

Office Space: Independent office suite on the Nagoya University campus

Facilities: Research space within Nagoya University. Access to computer facilities at Nagoya University. No access to Wet labs

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Photo of Nagoya Univ Campus
Nagoya University



Photo of the IB building at Nagoya Univ
Nagoya University’s IB Building



Map of Japan highlighting Nagoya