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Ayaz Hyder

Ayaz Hyder professional portrait

Ayaz Hyder

Associate Professor, Environmental Health Science


Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, College of Public Health

Dr. Hyder’s research goal is to understand the role of multiple determinants of human health (e.g., social, environmental, biological) operating at multiple levels of organization (e.g., gene to society, space and time). He uses mathematical, statistical and computational approaches (e.g., systems science methods) to bring together theory, data and methods from multiple disciplines to build and validate predictive models of health. These models are further linked with health economics (e.g. cost-effectiveness analysis) to provide policy makers with tools to make better decisions.

Current areas of research include childhood asthma, the interplay of residential segregation and poverty traps on lifetime health trajectories, and environmental health disparities in preterm birth. He is also interested in questions about residential mobility, infectious diseases, and the role of place on health.

Department: College of Public Health
Interests: health-services-research epidemiology-environmental modeling-predictive modeling-systems systems-complex

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