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Yingbin Liang

Yingbin Liang

Yingbin Liang

Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering

Dr. Liang’s research spans over multiple disciplines including statistical signal processing, machine learning, large-scale optimization, information theory, and wireless communications and networks. More specifically, her research projects can be summarized along three main themes:

  1. Developing innovative machine learning and signal processing methodologies and algorithms that exploit sparsity and statistical structures in data for handling high-dimensional large-scale data with provable performance guarantee.
  2. Developing fast optimization algorithms for large-scale machine learning applications that involve ultra-high dimensional data and understanding the performance guarantee of these algorithms.
  3. Developing novel technologies for data transmission over various challenging communication media and different networked scenarios, and analyzing the impact of these technologies on the fundamental performance limits of data communications subject to a number of requirements including error probability, secrecy, and delay.

Department: College of Engineering
COP: Sensing CoP
Interests: theory-information-and-coding learning-machine data-multidimensional

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