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Public Interest Technology

Experiential Learning Through Collaborative Learning in Data Science and Analytics

Ohio State aims to increase access to data science programming in Ohio high schools by engaging a local STEM high school to collaboratively develop an enrichment course on data analytics in public health. The project aims to broaden student horizons regarding the use of data for social good and to create open educational resources that introduce data science using approachable, spreadsheet-based methods. The project team will also host researchers, K-12 educators, and policy leaders from across the state at a summit for data science education in Ohio. We seek to diversify the approaches used in teaching data science and to promote statewide partnerships that contextualize data analytics as a key competency for 21 st century public service.

Principal Investigators

Emily Nutwell, Program Director, Translational Data Analytics Institute

Kelsey Badger, Assistant Professor, University Libraries

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Independent work
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Check back soon for our Open Educational Resources which will include:

Lesson Plans and Activities

Class Lecture Slides

Curated Real-World Datasets!